Quality Policy

This is the policy of Airway Medical Ltd. The company is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of airway suction devices worldwide.  As an organisation with an innovative product and clear global strategy we demand and expect the highest levels of quality of product and service from our processes in order to meet product requirements and exceed user expectations.  This requires a pro-active approach and awareness of the users/patients’ needs and expectations.

Incorporating renewable-sourced recyclable plastics, the AMSU will be the first medical device in the world to utilise a Graphene Nanotechnology additive; 100% effective against Bacteria and Virus’ including Covid-19.

All of the business’ processes are to be defined, monitored, reviewed, facilitated, controlled and improved in-line with the requirements documented within our management system and as set out within ISO13485:2016.

We are dedicated to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations wherever possible.  We also operate a strategy of Planet & People above Profit to drive the environmental performance of our product, the product lifecycle and both internal and global social responsibility.

We will achieve this by: 

• Knowing who our customers and interested parties are and what they want – through open communication. 

• Understanding the requirements of our interested parties, specific jobs and the systems that support us – through knowledge, awareness, training and education. 

• Adherence to statutory & regulatory requirements.

• Making continual improvement a part of our every day and every job – through the use of team participation, risk-based thinking and monitoring effectiveness.

• Ensuring that our Quality Management system reflects what we do and how we operate – reviewing processes for continued suitability.

• Remembering that we are aiming for global benefits via a circular economy model with a global reputation for quality and achieving/maintaining this is our top priority.

 • Being willing to offer any advice & assistance through our knowledge and experience which will enhance our relationship with our suppliers, sub-contractors, customers/users.

The Company will establish our processes and procedures in a way that assists in the realisation of the needs and objectives of the business. Staff have an obligation to follow and conform to the QMS processes and procedures and to make recommendations for improvement.

Management system monitoring and improvement will include the establishing of objectives communicated throughout the business and review of our performance to the current defined objectives will be documented within the management review process.

Simon Hall

Chief Technical Officer