Introducing CAMSU (Compact Airway Medical Suction Unit)

The world’s first sustainable ‘net-zero’ Medical Device.

CAMSU has been designed to clear airways of excess saliva and sputum using mechanical suction. CAMSU can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It is estimated over 1 million people in the UK struggle to clear their airways due to the effects of stroke, chronic congenital, neurological and respiratory conditions. This causes oral hygiene issues, is unsightly and can cause hospital admission due to acquired pneumonia.

Globally, there is a huge ‘unmet’ need for such a device, especially in areas with poor infrastructure, where incumbent (currently available) electric/battery devices cannot function.

CAMSU has been designed with the assistance of patients, carers and clinicians who will actually use it.

Focusing on simplicity reduced the number of components required, making CAMSU over 95% smaller, lighter and cheaper; but just as effective as the incumbent technology.

CAMSU is made from renewably sourced materials (bio-plastics) and is scope 2+ ‘net-zero’.

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