Our ethos is one of sustainability, social awareness, and equality and our associates are all fully supportive of our aims for an environmentally viable, ethically sourced, and inclusively manufactured product. Airway Medical has been fortunate to collaborate with many like minded organisations and individuals. We value our current partnerships and welcome applications; from individuals, organisations and investors, as the company continues to grow.

We are currently collaborating with University of Portsmouth (UoP) and 2D Tech (part of Versarien Plc) to produce the AMSU device as part of an Innovate UK Sustainability Grant. We are working with a number of other enterprises as part of the project including GKMC Ltd, Catena Consulting, Concept IP and Charter 4 Solutions amongst others.

Our HQ is at Engine Shed in Bristol; where we are part of Bristol Set-Squared. We are also members of Bath Set-Squared Advanced Engineering and Sustainable Technologies Accelerator Hubs. Through our work with UoP, we are also a member of SIGHT, PTTU, and PPI based in Portsmouth. Two advisory boards; Clinical and Patient, have been set-up and we encourage participation from anyone with an interest. Please use contact page.

We have been supported by various organisations including Outset, Business West, EEN, KTN, NIHR, Innovate Edge, The Healthtec Hub, Wessex AHSN and Be the Business. We are also working closely with Bristol, Bath and UWE (Bristol) Universities through various Intern schemes.

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