Emergency Camsu™

A clear airway is essential to maintain life. In order to clear a blocked airway, an airway suction device is often used by trained clinicians as the first step in the ABC of resuscitation.

The Emergency CAMSUTM (E-CAMSU) is based on the manually powered chronic-use CAMSU, developed via an SBRI funded project for the NHS.

E-CAMSU does not require electricity or any other form of power. However, the technology provides -60Kpa Vacuum to the same ISO 10079-1-2022 for electrically powered airway suction.

E-CAMSU is 95% smaller, lighter and cheaper; but just as effective. It can be used anywhere, anytime and is not reliant on any supporting infrastructure.

As with all Airway Medical products it is made from renewably sourced materials and is Scope 2+ net-zero.

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