Main Personnel

Simon Hall – Founding Director

Since gaining a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Simon also completed another in Psychology. He has worked in Project Management, Testing and Commissioning of multi-million pound projects including the Channel Tunnel, Network Rail and London Underground.

He has a background of 35 years working with Medical Device Companies. His last role was as a Sales Manager promoting Suction and Oxygen Devices within the South West and South Wales. Simon left this role after 17 years in June 2019 to start Airway Medical Ltd.

I’m passionate about Saving Lives Sustainably. It is at the core of everything we do and motivates us through difficult times.
By providing sustainable devices that can literally be used by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, we are disrupting the incumbent market, but also fulfilling the unmet need of an estimated 2 billion devices in areas with poor infrastructure

Glenn Kenworthy – CEO 

Glenn is a MedTech management and marketing consultant and he spends his time working with great medical companies both in the UK and Internationally. He is fortunate to have the opportunity to mix the type of work that he does, with the aim of helping corporate leaders to strategically improve the businesses they are in, the products they create and the patients they serve. Glenn acts as a strategic advisor and mentor. 

He has strong ties with the Cardiovascular, Interventional Radiology and Women’s Health sectors through his 20 years’ experience as an international Marketing Director and independent consultant working in some of the world’s most pioneering MedTech companies. He has overseen product launches, market access, therapy development and the commercialization of many clinically advanced medical products, that have helped thousands of patients around the world. 

Glenn is currently creating a new equity crowdfunding platform which is specifically for the MedTech community. The plan for the platform is to assist MedTech startups gain access to funding from investors that understand and recognise the value of the healthcare innovation that is being developed. Glenn is also an angel investor in several early-stage medical companies and property developers.

Glenn’s commitment to environmental and social development, his unwavering integrity, and his dedication to a truly inclusive workforce places him in the ideal position to be CEO of the AML brand.

Glenn lives and works mostly from home in a tiny Oxfordshire village in the UK. He has 3 grown up kids all working independently, a wife who is a Research Midwife, working in cardiovascular clinical research at the Oxford University John Radcliffe Hospital. 

Manoj Thacker – Social Innovator

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, particularly when it leads to social or environmental impact – and my focus remains on supporting, building and investing in purpose driven startups.

I ask myself each day- What do I want to accomplish? What is my legacy? Is business a force for good – how do we build a new world with impact and technology? How do I find a place where we remain human centric by designing and co-creating solutions for sustainability?

With climate change and social inequalities growing, the only question is- How do we move to a “triple bottom line”: People, Planet, Profit?

No conversations can move without mentioning COVID19, it has infected everything and, amidst all the wreckage, it is hard to find anything good. I found some hope when I met the Founder of Airway Medical, Simon Hall, and found a clarifying opportunity to rethink, rebuild, and rejuvenate my life and career – and to envision a new normal. 

I enjoy walks, listening to podcasts, and cooking with my family. I am applying a new focus after reading a book by gifted author Todd Miller ‘Enrich Create Wealth in Time, Money and Meaning’. It has reignited the youthful passion and drive that had slowly faded over the course of my career. Enrich is a methodology that empowers you to design an aspirational plan and live it. I found my home at Airway Medical as life goes round in full circle for entrepreneurs. 

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