Our Interns

Andrea Diaz Gaxiola

Hola! I am Andrea, a Nanoscientist interested in all kinds of projects where creativity and collaboration are the key elements to solve a novel or complex problem. I started an internship at A.M. Ltd. to try and put some of my passion into a ground-breaking project. Here I found an inspiring team is dedicated to saving lives while following an exemplary sustainability ethos.

Abdel Otify

I joined Airway Medical through the IKEEP programme. I am a 3rd year mechanical and electrical engineering student at the University of Bristol. I really enjoyed working with the team at Airway Medical, they were always supportive and friendly. This made working on the project interesting and exciting. I learnt a lot from Simon whom I worked closely with and reported directly to. I developed my designing skills and communication which is definitely going to help me in the future. It is also very nice to see how sustainability and ethical principles are at the heart of the company and their products.

Yun Wen

A Final Year LLB Law student at the University of Bristol, Yun Wen is Airway Medical’s IKEEP Setsquared Intern. She assists with IP, compliance and regulatory research and she is an agile learner interested in MedTech and sustainability. Hailing from Singapore, she enjoys learning about technology, alternative dispute resolution and challenging herself with coding projects in her free time. She also serves the University in the capacity of Peer Mentor, International Student Ambassador and Careers Support Assistant. 

Mattia Carusone

Hi I’m Mattia, my main occupation is dreaming of post Covid-19 life, but I am also an international Funding officer intern for Airway Medical ltd. I am soon going to graduate in Economics at the University of the West of England. I am extremely passionate about social and environmental sustainability. When I’m not working you can find me binge watching the latest tv show or reading books. I am always willing to share, but never if it’s about the last piece of chocolate! 

Nerissa Lee

I’m a third year Biology student at the University of Bristol, studying about biotechnology, genetics, and plant stuff. I love plants so much that I am almost turning my student accommodation into a jungle, and I have initiated a project to create an automated aeroponics product. My friends think that I am an “ecofreak” and I do tirelessly encourage them to be more sustainable, but you can imagine how happy I am to be researching about bio-based polymers for the AMSU. In my free time, I go running, cycling, and orienteering to feel the embrace of mother nature. 

Alexis Hernandez

As a person from a small town, I know what it’s like to work hard to get what you want. I came from a small and quiet family where education is the principal value, with both of my parents being teachers I always wanted to study as much as possible, therefore I had to leave my natal city for my studies. Arriving in a different city for the bachelor’s degree and in a different country for my master’s degree. I know how it is to live far away from home and I appreciate the time with the family even if it is not for a long period.
I consider myself a very friendly and sociable person, that is why I like meeting people from all over the world. I understand the cultural differences and I try to get involved in different cultures, knowing that every person is different and thinks in a different way I am aware of the limits that this can involve and how not to make a problem out of it.

Ben Liu 

I am a first-year PhD student in Chemistry at the University of Bath. My research project is building up a biosensor with the electrodes modified with lipid cubic phase. Retreating from lab works, I undertook the IKEEP project with Airway Medical to repurpose their AMSU unit for chemical spill collection. During the one-month placement, I had been looking at the environmentally friendly material to assemble the chemicals collection bottle, and formulate foundations for the business case. I wasn’t a fan of polymers until I have done the research, now I believe it is the future.

Owen Roberts

Hey! My name is Owen, and I am the Digital Marketing internship at Airway Medical! I have recently finished my bachelor’s degree in business and management. This year I made the decision to work with companies who value sustainability at the core of their business, as this is an area I am passionate about, and Airway Medical LTD fit this requirement precisely! I have over 3 years’ experience working in social media management, including owning two of my own e-commerce businesses.